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Precautions for COVID-19 in Antalya Airport and Gazipasa Airport Transfer

In-car cleaning and disinfectant works with each transfer

Covid-19 is still effective after the first virus explosion. The most effective way to protect from the virus is to disinfect and wear a mask. In all of our Antalya airport and Gazipaşa Airport transfer services, our VIP vehicles are disinfected and routinely cleaned before and after the transfer. Our company pays extra attention to cleaning during the pandemic, which it pays attention to before the epidemic, and the virus removes your concern.


Special mask & disinfectant & glove service for passengers

We prepare personalized mask, disinfectant and glove packages for all passengers using our company's airport transfer services. From the moment you get on our VIP vehicle, you can make yourself 100% protected and enjoy the journey. Although our company pays attention to in-vehicle cleaning and disinfection works, we keep you personal hygiene packages ready in the vehicle so that you can feel completely safe and minimize the risks.


Masked chauffeur service from meeting until the end of the journey

Our drivers wear masks on the way from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport. Our drivers who drive VIP vehicles and comply with the hygiene rules in the office and have regular Covid-19 tests; It strictly obeys the precautions we take while serving you, and avoids actions that will put your health at risk. Thanks to our masked drivers, the air flow in the vehicle always remains clean.